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The Advantages at one Glance

The Strength of Liquid Colors

Due to the liquid carrier, the manufacturing process and the perfect dispersion many benefits arise!

Higher Color Strength

Unlike masterbatches liquid colors are produced discontinuous. The pigments can be digested in the liquid carrier medium until they are perfectly dispersed. The particles are distributed very well, which has a positive impact on color strength and light diffusion. This results in a lower demand of colorant to achieve the same shade of color, so that the coloring costs can be reduced.
For technical polymers the benefit is even larger, because the liquid carrier is cheaper than the polymeric base resin of the masterbatch.


No flowmarks

If the liquid color is fed together with the base resin into the main hopper, it has a statistical better distribution compared to masterbatch from the beginning on even before the polymer is molten. This enables a homogeneous, speck-free coloring even with highly concentrated liquids at 0.5% dosage and without additional mixing units.
By using an optionally available pre-mixer, the amount added, e.g. for tinting, can even be reduced significantly below 0.1 %. The pre-mixer is placed over the main hopper and mixes granulate and liquid color discontinuously. The evenly wetted granulate is then conveyed into the feeder for further processing.

No Specks

The liquid colors are produced at room temperature. Depending on the viscosity, a maximum temperature of 40 °C is reached by shearing. And of course our products do not have to be predried before further processing. Thus, heat-sensitive pigments such as fluorescent or daylight pigments are not thermally pre-stressed, which significantly reduces the number of corresponding defect pattern in their frequency.
Furthermore, when filling into the package, the liquid color is filtrated. If necessary, it can be screened down to a grain size of 1 micron. The color is delivered speck-free, what is particularly important for the quality of transparent and thin-walled applications.

Fast Color Changes

By wetting with liquid carrier, the pigments adhere less strongly to the metal components of the processing machine, resulting in significantly reduced color changing times. Especially when using hot runner systems, the number of purging cycles can be reduced by up to 50%!
With a suitable dosing system it's also possible to inject the liquid color downstream in the plastic melt. Thus, only a part of the production line must be purged during color changes, what results in considerably savings in material and time!

100 % controlled

Conventional masterbatch is produced continuously and the quality control happens randomly. Afterwards the granules are often mixed to compensate possible qualitative variation.
Our liquid color production however is discontinuous or batchwise respectively. Every batch is controlled concerning color, viscosity and product fineness and corrected completely if necessary. This 100% inspection enables to deliver always in accordance to the customer's specifications!

One for all

With our odour neutral, transparent and heat resistant standard carrier system almost all common plastics can be colorized. Concidering the intrinsic color of the coresponding plastic no polymer specific masterbatches is needed and the stock is minimized.
Suitable plastics for our standard carrier are: PE, PP, PS, ABS, ASA, SAN, PA, TPU, PET, PLA and much more.
A polymer specific carrier system shall be used with: PVC, PMMA, PC, PU, Acrylat and the like.

Easy Self-Coloring

With our optimally dispersed single pigment dispersions you can mix your own colors according to your wishes. Compared to coloring with masterbatch you will benefit from:
> Increased flexibility due to shorter color development cycles, the possibility for internal correction and to the order size adapted color quantities.
> Reduced coloring and storage costs as you must purchase and store onyl a dozen basic colors compared to hundrets of masterbatches.
With customized dispensers known from DIY stores clean handling and highest reproducibility is guaranteed.

We are happy to help you designing your own coloring system!

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