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How much do I save with the use of liquid color compared to masterbatch?

Unfortunately that can not be answered in general as it's highly dependent on the application, if the liquid color can tap the full potential like color strength, for example. In a first interview we already can determine whether the application could be worthwhile. Following we can match one or more colors for you. From the resulting material costs and the recommended dosage we can calculate the coloring costs afterwards.
Furthermore additional saving like less scrap or faster color changes are possible!

What is the liquid carrier?

The carrier system is a mixture of non-volatile, high molecular substances with one main component and several rheology additives and wetting agents.

The colors don't contain any solvent or water and they don't dry up.

What is the maximum time of use for the colors?

As the liquid colors contain nothing that can "spoil", they theoretically can be used eternally. But after several weeks, a phase separation can poccur which can vary in severity. However, the pastes can be refreshed by stirring, shaking or tumbling. Depending on the package it is easier or harder. Therefore we always try to stabilize the liquid colors during development as well as possible, so that these an be used over a period of 4 -6 months without hesitation.

What happens to the carrier after processing?

The carrier system is adjusted to the polymer and remains in the material.

What happens to my product when using liquid colors?

Theoretically the carrier system works as a softener, but practically this can be disregarded due to the generally low dosages of 0.5 to 2 %.

How high can I dose the liquid color?

The maximum dosage depends on the corresponding plastic and the processing machine. The value is between 1 and 5 % and will be determined in the context of the color matching. If the threshold is exceeded, impairments during processing and/or of the material properties could occur.

What contamination of the work place can be expected?

The further developed dosing pumps, hoses and couplings enable an easy and clean handling and makes it plug-and-play.

Do you offer food grades?

If necessary we chose the raw materials according to FDA, VO(EU) 10/2011 or BfR and provide you a corresponding declaration of conformity.

I neither have technical nor economical problems in the use of masterbatch. Why should I switch to liquid colors?

Congratualtions - stay with your proven system! We recommend our products only where the use is technically and economically feasible. But maybe you have the opportunity to validate alternative colorization under new projects? 

What is the standard packaging for liquid colors?

  • 22 liter ROWASOL COLOR CUBE returnable container
  • 5 / 10 / 20 liter Politainer (PE inliner in cardboard, "Bag in Box")
  • 10 / 20 / 30 liter tinplate buckets ("Hobbocks")
  • 10 / 20 liter plastic bucket with PE inliner and coupling for peristaltic pump
  • 200 Liter steel barrel
  • 640 / 1.000 liter IBC ("Intermediate Bulk Container")
  • also custom packaging is available

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