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Service à la ROWASOL: perfectly dosed


Customer service taking top priority at ROWASOL is a fact that becomes clear from the very first contact. Anyone who expresses an interest in the products and wants to convince themselves of the quality and benefits of the liquid colors for coloring plastics, is given the chance to get to know the comprehensive service package which includes free of charge sampling at the customer’s facility.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 04th, 2018 –  During initial talks, the possible uses of liquid coloring are discussed and the matching ROWAMETRIC dosing system is presented: various pump styles are possible depending on the application and coloring requirements. For example, a hose or peristaltic pump is the ideal dosing unit for small batch sizes and numerous color changes. A progressive cavity pump, on the other hand, may be the best solution for “endurance runners” or very small dosages. And if the color has to be injected into the melt at a very high pressure, a gear pump should be used.

Once all of the key data has been clarified and a suitable project identified, the ROWASOL team begins by matching one or more colors to the customer’s specifications. A cost-benefit analysis can then be drawn up on the basis of the resulting liquid color and sales price.

There now follows the most important aspect of the project: the field test. Using the set color and a matching dosing system, ROWASOL takes care of the installation of the liquid dosing unit on the premises of the interested party and provides the necessary instruction so that they can perform the requisite tests themselves. Thanks to the easy operation, the color and pump can also be dispatched with an understandable quick guide at the customer’s request – allowing tests to be performed autonomously with maximum flexibility.

The equipment is placed at the customer’s disposal free of charge for longer test phases lasting several days. If tests lasting several months are needed, ROWASAOL makes an offer for rental or leasing, the costs of which will be offset against any final purchase.

In this way, ROWASOL offers its customers not only a no-risk service package but also a guarantee for the right dosing technology.

The table shows the properties and fields of use of the various pumps.

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