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Who we are

We are a German producer and supplier of liquid pigment and additive dispersions for the use in the plastics processing industry, as well as a supplier of corresponding dosing systems for fluid conveying.
The company's head office and the administration are located in Pinneberg near Hamburg, at the headquarter of the ROWA GROUP. The production and the development laboratory are located in Karstädt in Brandenburg.

Our Mission

"To create added value for plastics processors through sustainable coloring."

The choice of raw materials, the manufacturing process and the efficient use of liquid colors, in combination with our reusable containers, enable plastic products to be colored in an environmentally friendly and cost-saving manner. This results in added value through resource-saving liquid coloring.

Our Vision

"Establish liquid color in classic applications and position it as a key component for the future of plastics."

We see it as our task to bring the benefits of liquid colors to the attention of all potential customers. We do this by clearly communicating to the market the possibilities and limitations of their use. We also see it as an opportunity to offer the changing industry a sustainable solution to future challenges through liquid coloring, for example in the sustainable coloring of recycled materials or bioplastics.

Our Liquid Colors

Our dispersions consist of a non-volatile carrier system and dispersed pigments or dyes. They are used via full body coloring of the plastic, so that the color is homogeneously mixed with the plastic melt on the processing machine and remains in the end part.
Our core competence lies in the coloration of thermoplastic materials, which are processed by injection molding or extrusion.
The use of liquid colors allows savings in coloring costs as well as improved product quality.
Find out more about the advantages of our liquid colors for plastic coloring!

Our Dosing Systems

For the dosing of our liquid colors and additive concentrates, we source state-of-the-art dosing technology from a leading manufacturer and convert them into our ROWAMETRIC dosing systems. Progressive cavity or peristaltic pumps are used, which are selected for the respective application.
Furthermore, we cooperate with Oerlikon Barmag in the field of gear pumps for high-pressure conveying.
Find out more about our dosing systems for liquid colors here!

Our reusable system

To conserve resources and the environment, we have developed the ROWASOL COLOR CUBE - our reusable container for the prevention of residual colors and packaging waste.
Find out more about the ROWASOL COLOR CUBE here!

Your Self-Coloring

One of the main application fields for liquid colors is the self-coloring via single pigment dispersions (SPDs). By the formulation with 10 to 12 SPDs in the in-house coloristics already a very large color spectrum can be covered. The small-scale procurement and storage of many masterbatches, as well as long color development cycles are thus eliminated. By using computer-controlled dispensers, the own mixed colors can be produced automatically and consequently reproducibly and economically.
Let us advise you to self-coloring your product portfolio!

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