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Custom-tailored colors

Composition of our Liquid Colors

For our liquid colors we use common pigments or dyestuffs, like they're used in ordinary masterbatches. Special wetting agents and rheology additives provide an optimal distribution of the pigments and stability of the dispersion. Thus a maximum color strength is achieved and a sedimentation of the pigments is avoided for a long-term period. The carrier itself is a non-volatile, high molecular system, which distributes perfect in the plastic melt and due to its good compatibility it won't migrate from the end product.

Manufacturing Process

Our liquid colors are produced batchwise via high effective mixing. The pigments are dispersed as long as it needs for an optimal distribution within the carrier system.
An optional post-processing and a filtration of the colors guarantee a grain size down to 1 µm.

Color Matching

Whether RAL, NCS or Pantone, opaque or transparent, fluorescent or effect pigment - we fulfill almost every wish! As a member of the COLOR COMPETENCE CENTER we are optimally networked with the know-how and resources of the ROWA GROUP and find the optimal solution even for difficult questions.
For new color developments and matching please contact us directly!
Of course we also provide single pigment concentrates for self-coloring. For more information, see Advantages.


As standard, we offer our products in the containers on the left, but we are also happy to fill into customer-specific containers.


Our reusable packaging for cost-efficient and resource-saving coloring!

Learn more about the ROWASOL COLOR CUBE here!

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