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Sustainability via liquid coloring

Resource-efficient coloring of plastics

The choice of raw materials, the manufacturing process and the economical use of liquid colors in combination with our reusable containers enable an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient coloring of your products!

Raw Materials: Natural Carrier System

Universal carrier systems based on renewable raw materials available.

• Reduced crude oil content in the final product.

• Applications: bio-plastics, recyclates and most common plastics.

Prodcution: No thermal energy input

• Manufacturing takes place at room temperature.

• Only mechanical energy to disperse the colorants in the carrier system.

• Carbon footprint of the manufacturing process only approx. 2-4% of the entire product (rest via raw materials).

Use: Economical in consumption

• Perfect dispersion: Higher color strength compared to masterbatch ⇒ Less colorant required.

• Perfect distribution: Transparent/translucent colors with ≈ 0.5% (or less) liquid color ⇒ Lower demand for color concentrate.

• Perfect quality:  Homogeneous and filtered product, no prior thermal stress ⇒ Minimal rejects.

Packaging: Reusable container

• Shuttle containers such as the ROWASOL COLOR CUBE , 200 L steel drums or 1,000 L IBC available.

No residual color.

No packaging waste.

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