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Typical Applications

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Where Liquid Color can demonstrate its full Strenght and makes your Life easier!

Injection Molding

  • Thick-walled parts ⇒ possible saving on coloring costs, homogeneous colorization
  • Thin-walled transparent parts ⇒ lower dosage, no specks, no flowmarks
  • Hot runners ⇒ faster color changes (30 - 50 % less purging cycles)
  • Engineering plastics (TPU, PBT, PA, ABS and the like) ⇒ lower raw material costs
  • Commodities (PE, PP, PS) ⇒ reduced quantity of colorant
  • Examples: PP pen tubes, TPU shoe soles, PE and PP caps, PC and ABS container, PS cutlery and many more


  • Films ⇒ no flowmarks and specks
  • Compounds ⇒ efficient self coloring
  • Profiles and fibers ⇒  Reduction of coloring costs
  • Color injection downstream ⇒ time and material savings during color changes
  • Examples: ABS edge bandings, engineering compounds, PP films, PVC flooring, PP fibers, HD-PE plates, filaments for 3D prints, PVC window profiles and many more


Mixing with liquid precursors

  • LSR ⇒ Silicone oil as carrier, with approval for food contact if desired
  • PVC ⇒ Softener can be used as carrier for liquid colors, thus 100 % compatibility
  • Reactive resins and foams ⇒ liquid colors can be pre-mixed in one of the components
  • Examples: Silicone components, PVC flooring, acrylic plates, window profiles, exercise balls, integral foam, flexible foam, PU shoe soles, adhesives, sealings, boat fender, buoys and many more

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