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Our Service Package

From the idea to the product

We support you right from the beginning and offer you the perfect start into liquid coloring with our service package!

Initial Interview

In an initial interview, the potential for optimization by using liquid colors are determined. The focus is on the current coloring method and the application-specific advantages of switching to liquid colors. The ROWAMETRIC dosing system in question will also be discussed. Depending on the processing and the coloring, different pumps can be used. The hose or peristaltic pump is the dosing device of choice for small batch sizes and many color changes. The progressive cavity pump can be the best solution for "endurance runner" or very low dosages. And if the color shall be continuosly injected into the melt under high pressure, the gear pump is used.

Color Matching

Once all key data have been recorded and a suitable project identified, we begin with the adjustment of one or more colors according to your specifications. Then a profitability analysis can be carried out on the basis of the resulting liquid color dosage and the sales price. However, since liquid coloring usually solves technical problems or improves the quality compared to the use of compound or masterbatch coloring, the primary coloring costs are often not in focus.

Field Test

The most important aspect of the project follows: the field test. We drive to your site personally with the adjusted color in our reusable container ROWASOL COLOR CUBE and the appropriate dosing system, take care of setting up the pump and support the trials. After a short briefing, the persons involved are able to carry out the necessary tests independently. Since operation is so simple, we even can send color and pump with a simple quick guide by freight forwarder on request, so that the tests can be carried out on your own with maximum flexibility in terms of time.
For longer test phases over several days, we are happy to leave the equipment to the customer - free of charge, of course. If lengthy tests over several months are necessary, we will be happy to submit a rental or leasing offer. The costs incurred would be charged at the time of purchase.

Follow-Up Service

As a matter of principle, we offer the initial interview, the color matching and the field test free of charge as part of an initial sampling with a quantity of up to 5 kg per color.
And even beyond this first phase, we offer excellent follow-up service, e.g. when it comes to building up the colour portfolio or installing the dosing technology.
With this risk-free service package - paired with optimal dosing technology - we are able to inspire all project participants from production staff to management with liquid coloring. To take advantage of our services, simply <link en contact.html internal-link>contact us by phone, e-mail or our online form!

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