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Spotlight on: liquid colorants in films


Applied Polymer Science M.Sc. student Hendrik Hesse is currently researching the usage spectrum for liquid colorants in film applications for his final-year thesis at ROWASOL. His investigations are focusing on the influence of the liquid carrier medium on the processing and product qualities of a range of plastics, such as PE, PP, PS, PET and PLA. The results will be presented to an interested audience at the K 2016 in Dusseldorf in autumn.

Pinneberg/Germany, August 22nd, 2016 – The corresponding films will be manufactured on a newly acquired laboratory flat film plant at ROWA Masterbatch, and then evaluated in terms of their mechanical properties and visual appearance. For the last test, ROWASOL has acquired a film inspection unit from R.A.M. GmbH (Flörsheim, Germany) that enables it to perform film defect analysis modelled on DIN EN 13900-6. The unit’s outstanding resolution of 5 μm/px means it can detect effects that are invisible to the human eye and draw more comprehensive conclusions about the suitability of the dye within the various polymers. The dye in the liquid colorant from ROWASOL is extremely finely distributed, which enables coloring entirely free from streaks and specks. This makes the products especially well-suited to transparent and translucent applications such as films.

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