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Piston Pumps for Injection Molding

Piston Dosing System DS-L1K for Liquid Colors

  • New development in cooperation with SKZ
  • Reciprocating piston pump, up to 30 bar
  • Application: injection molding; 0.05 - 80 g color/shot
  • Volumetric metering without calibration (input of color density), dosing accuracy ± 1%.
  • Dosing takes place from the piston, which thus serves as a buffer when changing containers
  • One exchangeable piston system with hoses for each color, thus very fast color changes
  • 7" touch screen, intuitive operation, many features (Regrind, Low Level Alarm, etc.)
  • Made in Germany, distribution directly through the manufacturer
  • Optional: 
    • Load cell for level control
    • Barcode reader
    • LED alarm signal light
    • Adapter flange for IMM
  • As color packaging we recommend our returnable container COLOR CUBE
  • For more information and contact to the manufacturer, click here!

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